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September is Women in Medicine Month!

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September is Women in Medicine Month!

Did you know that the first radiograph published abroad was taken by a woman? It was a radiograph of a frog, and marked a significant step in radiation medicine. Elizabeth Fleishmann used radiation in both diagnosis and treatment in the late 1800’s, before dying of radiation-related complications in 1905.

Women In Medicine Month honors and celebrates the many women who have and who continue to contribute to the world of medicine.This article particularly celebrates the contribution of women to the field of radiation oncology.

From Marie Curie, who discovered radium, to Vera Peters, who continued to pioneer radiation research in the 20th century, and all the women in between, we at PalabraApps love to read about all who have helped radiation oncology become what it has today.

We join in celebrating the women in medicine this month, especially those in radiation oncology!

We are inspired by the work of all of our users, but want to take this month to especially highlight the work of our women users. A special thank you to all of you women in radiation oncology – physicians, nurses, administrators.

Paula Love is one of our users who we had the pleasure of speaking with about some of her experiences in the field of oncology. She’s a nurse and the Clinical Director of the Scotland Cancer Treatment Center. With all of her hard work, we’re happy to have learned that Palabra is a major piece of making her job easier.

We can’t think of a better way to honor the women working hard in oncology than to help improve their workflow! One of the things she shared is that Palabra significantly helps their center’s efficiency, and saves them substantial time and money.

Check out her story here

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