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The Top 5 Reasons Oncologists Dread Documentation

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The Top 5 Reasons Oncologists Dread Documentation

Every day, oncologists around the world help patients battle cancer as effectively as possible. They hold arguably one of the most solemn and important jobs on the planet—and it requires copious time, thought and effort.

So why, then, do oncologists find themselves wasting valuable resources contending with the requirements of clinical documentation? Why are they so often frustrated by documentation tools (or the lack thereof)? And why are documentation processes such a cumbersome chore?

This year we released a free eBook, “The Top 5 Reasons Oncologists Dread Documentation,” to tackle these questions. If you haven’t checked it out yet, click below see how you can stop hating your notes and start loving Palabra.

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In our eBook, we’ll take a closer look at why these top five issues routinely plague oncologists. Then we’ll outline how Palabra works to eliminate these headaches, easily and permanently, so physicians can reclaim lost hours, improve their overall well-being, and focus on what really matters.

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