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Spending Time with Patients in Radiation Oncology

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Spending Time with Patients in Radiation Oncology

This tweet that radiation oncologist, Dr. Moghanaki, shared this week hits close to home for a lot of physicians.

Is it true that radiation oncologists don’t care about spending time with their patients? Of course not! We blame the burden of their documentation workload.

Between the slow transcription process and all of the EMR requirements that must be done manually, so much time is spent on documentation. Many physicians stay after clinic hours just to keep up with notes.

This inefficient workflow is exactly what we at PalabraApps hope to put a stop to. Our voice software allows for real-time, automated note-taking.

No more transcription waiting periods or service fees. With reverse EMR, you can perform tasks that would have to be completed elsewhere in MOSAIQ, directly and automatically from the note.

As we help cut down on time radiation oncologists spend on documentation, time with patients can increase. We can help fight this stereotype and increase standards of patient care!

Check out this interview with physicians from Mt. Sinai, who realized that Palabra not only makes their lives easier, but helps them to have a uphold a higher level of patient care.

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