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Reverse EMR Makes MOSAIQ Documentation A Breeze

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Reverse EMR Makes MOSAIQ Documentation A Breeze

Voice technology like Dragon can help expedite the transcription process, but what about a tool that automatically interacts with MOSAIQ? One of the most powerful features of Palabra is Reverse EMR, the ability to complete clinical tasks and enter structured data in MOSAIQ, without human intervention.

With Palabra, you simply approve your note, and Palabra uses the note’s content to automatically create quick orders, capture charges, start and complete QCLs, and transfer assessment data directly from the note into Assessments, making billing and MACRA-MIPS reporting a snap. You can even complete schedules!

Our doctors have loved Palabra from the start, but with the addition of Reverse EMR functionality this year, our users couldn’t be happier. We recently interviewed Dr. Matthew Bittner from Tacoma Valley Radiation Oncology Centers about how REMR has made a difference in his documentation and work day. Check out what he has to say!

Want to get Palabra and the magic of Reverse EMR for your clinic? Email us today!

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