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Recapturing the Efficiency of EHR Systems

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Recapturing the Efficiency of EHR Systems

EHRs were meant to simplify and improve the documentation process, combining charting, orders, billing, and compliance information all in one place.

What was meant to help health professionals, however, ended up being a major drain on workloads. Harvard Business Review found that many clinicians spend almost half of their work hours working on electronic health records, between typing and transcription.

We must recapture the efficiency of EHR systems as they were meant to be.

What needs to change? Between typing and clicking boxes, too much time in healthcare is spent in front of computers. A primary way documentation time can be dramatically reduced is by using effective voice communication to record notes.

Not only does quality voice documentation reduce keyboard usage, it eliminates the need for the inefficient process of transcription.

Instead of recording, transcription, and physician review, a voice documentation system allows for notes to be made in real time.

An efficient workflow is exactly what PalabraApps had in mind from the start. Palabra is designed to instantly and accurately complete your notes, and even record them directly into MOSAIQ.

Want to see how Palabra works? Check out this demo video, to see how it makes documentation a quick and painless process, saving physicians over 125 hours a year.

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