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Palabra Teleport – MOSAIQ Importing Made Easy

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Palabra Teleport – MOSAIQ Importing Made Easy

When encountering patients, clinicians need complete, accurate records in MOSAIQ®—and they need them ASAP. But when critical information comes in numerous file types and formats, compiling those records can be a time-consuming nightmare for the staff. And sometimes, physicians—and even patients—can pay the price.

To date, your only option has been to print the item you need, scan it back into your system in a different format, and then import it. Sometimes—if you’re lucky—you can save an item as a PDF, but you still have to go through countless steps to put it where it belongs. Best case scenario: You end up tired and frustrated. Worst case: Mistakes in the process lead to incomplete records that can jeopardize a patient’s care.

Thankfully, Palabra Teleport changes everything.

Instant importing into MOSAIQ… from anywhere

Busy clinics have patients—not patience. That’s why Teleport makes it ridiculously simple for staff members to capture items—including faxes, emails, photos and even records from another EHR—and directly send them to MOSAIQ with just a few clicks.

Palabra Teleport is set up as a print driver, so just click Print to Teleport, or drag your document into an icon, complete a brief form with encounter information… and you’re done!

Teleport can also snip anything on any screen and import it as a document directly to MOSAIQ. No more worrying about data format.

No more compiling and printing and scanning and converting. In fact, with Palabra Teleport, you’ll never print, scan and import again.

Check out this video to see how it works:

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