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Palabra Adds Value for Epic Users, Too

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Palabra Adds Value for Epic Users, Too

Many physicians hear how great Palabra is for saving time and money on documentation, but want to know if it still has advantages for Epic users.

The answer is yes!

Regardless of your particular hospital information system, Palabra offers physicians an incredibly efficient documentation system.

HIS/MOSAIQ integration details vary widely by each site, but even if you are doing a lot of documentation in your HIS, the treatment information resides in MOSAIQ. At a minimum, this means physicians can quickly generate OTVs and on-treatment summaries using Palabra and then import them back into the HIS—still saving minutes a day, and hours per week.

We have even had customers abandon documentation entirely in their hospital information systems because of the streamlined experience, usability and time savings offered by Palabra. It’s easy to understand why, as most Palabra customer sites report cutting 30-60 minutes per day, per physician, off their documentation processes.

There’s more to Palabra than time savings, of course—and even Epic users can take advantage of these increases in efficiency throughout the clinic:


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