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You wouldn’t be thinking about Palabra if you didn’t want to save time, so that goes without saying. Palabra saves at least one hour per day per physician no matter how you slice it. Besides physician time savings, you’ll save clerical time. You’ll eliminate transcription costs. Your entire team will be thrilled.

Palabra Menu

Palabra offers highly personalized, voice activated templates that can do incredibly sophisticated tasks. Open them with just a voice command, a single click from the menu or a hotkey.

Palabra Replica

Never say it twice! Our Replica feature allows you to granularly reproduce data from previous notes and to design the way you want your information to flow from document to document. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Palabra Merge Fields

Well beyond the standard merge fields, Palabra can bring any data from the chart into your notes, and format it beautifully too.

Palabra Favorites

Easily add whole paragraphs or just a few words to your note with a click or a voice command. Favorites automatically transform gender, know each patient’s name and can include chart data. You can have a few or a hundred of them in your Palabra Favorites window.

Reverse EMR

One of the most powerful features of Palabra is the ability to complete clinical tasks and enter structured data in MOSAIQ, without human intervention. With Palabra, you simply approve your note, and Palabra uses the note’s content to automatically create quick orders, capture charges, start and complete QCLs, and transfer assessment data directly from the note into Assessments, making billing and MACRA-MIPS reporting a snap. You can even complete schedules!

Templated eChart Notes

Make full use of eChart Notes. Palabra can create eChart templates which can include merge fields, favorites and can copy information forward from eScribe documents or from previous eChart notes.

Reconcile Medications from Your Note

Palabra tells you when medications were last reconciled. When you check the box and approve the note, the meds get reconciled in the EMR and the note is approved with the updated provider name and reconcile date.

Double Duty Diagnosis

If the Diagnosis is not in MOSAIQ when you start your note, Palabra makes it very easy to add it. In just one shot, Diagnosis and Staging will be both in the chart and in your note

OCR Capability

Want to include the latest PET/CT findings in your note? With a click or a voice command, Palabra allows to convert text from scanned documents or faxes into real editable text.

Magic Snip

Any image on your screen can be added to your note, with a voice command or a click.

Midlevel Workflow

Midlevels can send their notes for Review or Co-signature with just one click

Update CC

Palabra has the smoothest system to manage your CC List ever designed.

Personalize Everything

Or share everything, as you wish: Every user’s workflow, templates and favorites can be minutely personalized or they can be easily shared throughout the organization. Which one do you prefer?

Million-dollar Looking Notes

Who hasn’t had to slog through those frightfully ugly medical notes, which both hurt your eyes and manage to hide where the important information is? Or what’s even worse, don’t even include the important information at all? Your Palabra notes will be the exact opposite of that: They will look extremely professional, perfectly formatted, concise and complete. Your referring and collaborating physicians will love to read them. Your billing people will love you.

Key Features Summary

For a summary chart of all Palabra’s key features, click on the document image to download a PDF.


If you are a MOSAIQ® user thinking of moving to speech recognition, or already dictating by voice, it’s important to consider all of your options.

Relative to using Dragon alone, or another off-the-shelf speech recognition tool, the Palabra Voice experience is considerably better, both on setup and during ongoing use. Not only is Palabra Voice tightly integrated with MOSAIQ, Palabra Voice adds features on a continuous basis, and evolves with software enhancements in MOSAIQ. Some users have even commented that the integration is so tight that it’s impossible to tell where MOSAIQ ends and Palabra begins.

Palabra is Faster, Easier, More Accurate and Continuously Evolving.


Palabra streamlines your patient documentation and reduces your workload through a perfect combination of voice, automation and personalized, super-powerful templates. Palabra saves time, money and effort.