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Palabra Featured in OncLive – Saving Doctors Time & Money

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Palabra Featured in OncLive – Saving Doctors Time & Money

In the midst of mounting challenges to collect, manage and share patient health data, oncologists are in need of a solution that actually makes documentation simpler. Doctors Istvan Pataki and Kenneth Manning recently wrote an article addressing the hardship of documentation, and examining a case study of a cancer center who implemented Palabra. Their article, Voice Recognition Systems Save Time and Money, was published in OncLive.

The authors are well aware how severe the problem is. As testing and treatment grow increasingly complex, so does documentation. For many doctors, time spent on documentation is almost double that of every treatment task and patient visit.

stressed doctorIn an effort to record the overwhelming amount of patient data required, healthcare systems often have various systems and steps in place, sometimes even more than one EMR. Many (often expensive) initiatives meant to streamline the process for doctors in fact complicates the process even further.

This has lead to an environment where doctors are spending less time with patients and staying even later at the office to keep up with the documentation workload. Many doctors are even on the brink of burnout in the face of the growing demands.

A promising solution that has fallen short in many ways is voice recognition technology. There are options out there that minimally help, but don’t actually interact with EMR systems. For MOSAIQ users, however, there is finally a solution.

Palabra is the first voice recognition technology that functions in conjunction with MOSAIQ, offering real-time documentation and reverse EMR capability.

The article takes a look at Cape Fear Valley Cancer Center, one of the largest facilities in North Carolina. Before Palabra, they were paying for 3.5 full-time transcriptionists and utilizing an outside agency to support their 14 providers. This costly and still inefficient approach wasn’t cutting it.

With Palabra, Cape Fear is saving an incredible 30-60 minutes per day, with accurate and instant patient notes, and has saved over $200,000 in transcription costs.

The time and money savings has Palabra users relieved to have found the efficient documentation solution they had been searching for. This is exactly the kind of solution to pave the way for the future of oncology care. We couldn’t be happier to give doctors time with their patients back.

Read the full article here.


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