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In a world of modern medicine and fast evolving technology, oncologists and their clinics no longer need to be consumed by the chore of charting and documentation. Ongoing frustrations related to lost time, inefficiency, and physician burnout can—and should—be eliminated.

Right now, there are hundreds of Palabra users across the world who literally beam with happiness when they talk about how this software has changed their lives and how they cannot imagine working without Palabra ever again.

But Palabra is not only for physicians and APNs. We have solutions for other clinic roles who are looking for a much higher efficiency in their daily interaction with MOSAIQ®.


Palabra Mini™ allows MOSAIQ users, such as therapists, physicists, dosimetrists, admins, RNs, to greatly speed up their eScribe interactions, gaining efficiency and losing tons and tons of clicks. Palabra Mini is not tied to a speech recognition engine.

The foundation of Palabra Mini is a personalized menu that allows you to create documents and eChart notes (which can even be templated) with just one click. We can use your existing templates or create any new one you need. We are true template experts! Palabra Mini also comes loaded with OCR and Snip capabilities and smart CC list management for intuitive and efficient document distribution.

Depending on your role and your workflow, we highly customize Palabra Mini to best fit your needs, so that you get the exact package you need. For example, if you are a heavy QCL user, you might want to add the REMR capability to your package. It will feel like MOSAIQ is so much easier and faster to use!

Palabra Mini means efficiency and speed. It is ideal for generating nursing, survivorship, teaching, treatment planning, procedure and many other types of notes.


Palabra Nurse™ is a special Palabra package targeted for nurses.

Nurses typically make dozens of notes a day and enter tons of assessment data. Palabra Nurse integrates speech recognition into the nurse workflow, allowing for super-fast generation and voice dictation of notes and documents, as well as the ability of using voice to enter vitals and assessment data.

On top of completing their tasks much easier and much faster than using MOSAIQ alone, Palabra Nurse allows them to use the powerful capabilities of Palabra to prep physician documentation, providing excellent support to their workflow.

The combination of both physicians and nurses using Palabra is an efficiency wonder to behold.