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How This Radiation Oncology Team is Leaving Work on Time

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How This Radiation Oncology Team is Leaving Work on Time

The radiation oncology staff at Mount Sinai New York do incredible work for their patients. Unfortunately, one of the things that was slowing them down from interacting with patients and getting home at the end of the day was documentation. The team tried a couple options to make things more efficient, but had not come across anything that was the right fix.

In a recent interview, some of the physicians shared what their documentation was like in the past. They were stuck in the traditional transcription workflow, in which they would have to find the proper template for each type of note, dictate their notes, make edits days or weeks later after transcription, and manually enter their notes, orders and QCLs into MOSAIQ. Even when they tried using Dragon, they still had a lot of manual work to do.

Fortunately, Mount Sinai learned about Palabra, and decided to give it a shot. It was an immense success across the department. Even the staff who are usually reluctant to change quickly fell in love. The physicians were becoming more efficient within hours of implementation, and within days were cutting down documentation time significantly. The residents took notice and were eager to start using it. Everyone on the Mount Sinai team is a fan.

Now, the Mount Sinai Radiation Oncology team is enjoying efficient documentation, increased time for patient care, and leaving the office at a reasonable time! Talk about a win-win all around.

Watch the complete interview below!

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