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February Event Recap

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February Event Recap

Four years ago, we started PalabraApps with the driving mission to make MOSAIQ even more efficient and valuable to physicians. Since then, we’ve helped our customers save more than $3M in transcription costs. We’ve helped them save countless hours that they used to spend on tedious documentation processes. And we’ve helped generate more than 50,000 documents every month—all with greater efficiency and ease. But the thing that make us most proud is that we have literally brought smiles to hundreds of oncologists worldwide. So nothing makes us happier than traveling around the country to spread the Palabra love, spend time with MOSAIQ customers, and hear Palabra users share their experiences with us. And that’s exactly what we did throughout the month of February!

We traveled to a number of regional Elekta MOSAIQ symposiums in Atlanta, Seattle, San Diego, and Cleveland, and we joined the Elekta MedOnc Summit in Chicago as well as the Canadian Users Meeting in Toronto. At each stop, we were thrilled to leverage our VIP partnership with Elekta to inform users about the incredible work we are doing with Palabra. Our presentations outlined how the integration between Palabra and MOSAIQ is truly seamless—and we know it’s true because our users tell us they can’t tell where MOSAIQ ends and Palabra begins.

Dr. Mitch Berger, West Michigan Cancer Center

At the MedOnc Summit, Dr. Mitch Berger from West Michigan Cancer Center was kind enough to come to the stage to talk about his clinic’s success with Palabra. The audience was duly impressed, so big thanks to Dr. Berger for his comments.

In Cleveland, we really appreciated seeing MOSAIQ and Epic teams working together to support customers’ diverse needs and various implementation scenarios. This is very important to us because there are so many ways to use MOSAIQ with Epic, and we want Epic users to know that Palabra can help improve their workflows as well!

Palabra recently went live in Canada with our first French installation at Hotel-Dieu De Levis, so the stop in Toronto was a monumental one for us. And wow—the Canadian MOSAIQ customers are really using the system well. They’ve even developed quite a few IQ scripts to help increase clinic efficiency.

Amalia Sancha explains how Palabra is architected by a MOSAIQ expert to work seamlessly with the system.

Of course, our favorite stories are the ones customers tell us about how Palabra has changed everything—their work, their time, even their overall happiness! We heard how a doctor hugged her practice director in the hallway the day Palabra went live and told her that this was the best thing that had happened to the practice ever. We heard how one practice has saved $600,000 in the first year they implemented Palabra. We heard how a doctor in his 80s took to Palabra intuitively, like a fish to water, because it’s so easy to use.

It’s definitely been a whirlwind month for us—but we’re not done on the road quite yet. We’ll make a stop at another Elekta MOSAIQ symposium at Yale in New Haven, CT on April 13. If you can make it out to see us, please do! We eagerly await more incredible Palabra user stories, and we always welcome your feedback.


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