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Making Life Easier for Epic and MOSAIQ Users

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Making Life Easier for Epic and MOSAIQ Users

As everyone working in healthcare knows, technology lighten the workload or make things even more complicated. The staff at the Saint Francis Cancer Center have experienced both sides of this reality. In recent years, the Saint Francis Health System decided to go fully paperless, which meant a major technological undertaking.

The system deployed Epic as its general EMR, while the cancer center utilized MOSAIQ for patient information, treatment plans and clinical documentation, using the help of paid transcriptionists. Part of the move toward a paperless system was eliminating all paid transcriptionists, so doctors had to find another solution. The hope was to use Dragon in lieu of the traditional transcription process, but the radiation oncologists quickly realized that this provided little beyond voice assistance.

Like many sites functioning within multiple technological systems, Saint Francis needed a solution that worked well with both Epic and MOSAIQ, and actually made things easier for the staff now that they didn’t have transcriptionists. When someone recommended Palabra, the staff was instantly intrigued.

Eager for a better, more efficient workflow, they decided to give Palabra a try. Doctors were surprised at how smoothly and quickly the implementation process went, and how fast it was making their documentation. It wasn’t long before doctors were using Palabra for all documentation, including consult notes, follow-up notes, on-treatment visit notes and more, all of which flowed automatically into Epic with no manual intervention.

Palabra has helped Saint Francis eliminate all transcription costs, increase productivity and save doctors hours of time every week.

With everyone so impressed by Palabra Voice, they are now looking into additional PalabraApps products, especially Palabra Teleport, which enables instant importing of outside files into MOSAIQ. Read their full story here.

If you’re looking for a documentation solution, we want to help. Maybe you’re a MOSAIQ user still using the old-fashioned process of paid transcriptionists and are looking for a more efficient and affordable option, or using Dragon alone but it isn’t working out how you hoped. You can join many of our relieved users who finally decided to give Palabra a try. Email us today to get started.

Melissa Spolar is an account specialist at PalabraApps. In addition to her customer support functions, she is passionate about the productivity that PalabraApps is able to provide to our customers.