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How Oncologists Are Eliminating Transcription Fees

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How Oncologists Are Eliminating Transcription Fees

Transcription is meant to help make physicians’ lives easier. Unfortunately, many still find it to be an incredibly time-consuming and inefficient, not to mention expensive, process.

It can take weeks for the documentation to be finalized, between recording, transcription, review, and inputting the information into the EMR. Some research indicates this way of documentation can cost at least $12,000 per year per physician.

Brenda Hall, Executive Director of IP Physician Services at Cape Fear Valley Health System

Brenda Hall, from Cape Fear Valley Cancer Centers, was ready for a change from relying on this pricey, ineffective way of documentation.

It would take her physicians over a week to get notes into MOSAIQ after a patient visit. To keep up with all of the notes, Cape Fear was not only paying 3.5 full-time transcriptionists, but also using an outside agency to do transcription.

Eager for change, Cape Fear implemented Dragon to improve the documentation process. Unfortunately, this shifted a lot of the burden onto the physicians, which they were not happy about.

It wasn’t until learning about Palabra that Cape Fear found the real improvements they had been looking for.

With Palabra, Cape Fear has found the time and money savings they had hoped for. They have eliminated almost all of their $200k+ transcription fees, and without a single complaint from physicians.

The physicians are especially loving that they have cut the time they spend on documentation in half, and leave an hour early each day.

Read more about Cape Fear’s happy switch from transcription to Palabra here. Want to start your own journey toward easier documentation in MOSAIQ?

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