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Elekta Makes Strategic Investment in PalabraApps

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Elekta Makes Strategic Investment in PalabraApps

We are very pleased to announce that Elekta has made a strategic investment in our company, PalabraApps. This is an excellent development that we feel will be in your best interest, and in the best interest of all MOSAIQ users.

From now on, our teams will be working closely together in both making our existing products – Palabra, Palabra Plus and Palabra Teleport available to a wider user base, as well as in designing and creating new products that are on the wish lists of many and all hard-working practices like yours.

Wade Hatler, CEO and Technology Chief, was the Director of Systems Architecture at Elekta, when he left almost five years ago to start PalabraApps, along with Amalia Sancha, COO. In his 20+ years run at Impac/Elekta, he built or designed big chunks of MOSAIQ himself (eScribe, Assessments, IQScripts, etc.) and was responsible for overall MOSAIQ architecture.

Few people in the world know MOSAIQ as deeply as he does, and his mission, in Elekta as well as in PalabraApps, has always been to give clinicians the best possible experience.

This is all to say that our new partnership with Elekta feels in many ways like coming home. We are back to working closely with many excellent professionals who care about MOSAIQ users as much as we do, and we feel like their depth of resources and experience, plus our agility and scrappiness will be a huge success both for Elekta and for PalabraApps, with measurable benefits for all of our customers.

Working closely with Elekta, Wade and his crew of 9 engineers are developing several very exciting new products to be released later in the year.

Stay tuned for Elekta communications about them!

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