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Doctors, Do You Hate Your Computers?

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Doctors, Do You Hate Your Computers?

Earlier this month, Atul Gawande shared an article in the New Yorker about Why Doctors Hate Their Computers. His words highlight the conundrum of digitization – a modernization of medical care that was supposed to make everything easier and more efficient, but in reality has caused doctors to spend less time with patients and more time at the office.

Dr. Gawande was part of the first wave of doctors to transition to Epic, a single platform for computerized notes, prescriptions, orders, results, scheduling and insurance. It was pitched to not just ease the burden on doctor workload but be an eco-friendly move to reduce paper records and help all departments work better together.

While these comprehensive EMR’s may have helped medical staff become greener and more harmonized, a detrimental effect came with it. Dr. Gawande found research indicating that half of the time doctors spend with patients is spent facing a computer screen. Overall, doctors tend to spend twice as much time on their computers than they do interfacing with patients.

Even working in an EMR during patient visits isn’t enough time to finish all of the electronic tasks doctors have to do, so they are also staying later after hours. The result of increased workload and decreased personal lives? Burnout, depression, and even suicidal thinking rates, which are now astonishingly high for doctors. Dr. Gawande goes on to explore the experiences of a handful of other practitioners, and his hope to not just find a more efficient workflow, but reclaim quality patient care (read the full article here).

There is so much at stake for a better workflow. Better efficiency isn’t just about the bottom line, it’s about quality patient care and restoring well-being in the lives of doctors. This is the entire purpose of PalabraApps, and we are leading the way in helping MOSAIQ users do just that.

That’s why Palabra users save an average of 125 hours per year.

That means more time with patients, and more time for doctors away from the office. We love hearing our users say they are finally getting to leave the office on time, and hearing admins share how much they love the added benefit of saving not just time but money. Most sites are able to completely eliminate transcription costs, and Palabra pays for itself in less than a month.

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