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Burnout on the Rise in Oncology Physician Assistants

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Burnout on the Rise in Oncology Physician Assistants

We all know the very real, and very common, experience of burnout among oncologists, but a new study also reports that burnout is reaching noteworthy levels among Physician Assistants in Oncology practices, too.

Some of the key results found within the study (originally published Journal of Oncology Practice) include:

  • Over one third of PAs in Oncology (34.8%) reported burnout, despite high satisfaction with their careers
  • Burnout symptoms include emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a low sense of personal accomplishment
  • Reported burnout correlates to spending less time on direct patient care and more time on indirect patient care

“The degree to which PAs engaged in different professional activities also affected the risk for burnout, with direct patient care being associated with a significantly lower risk compared with indirect patient care, such as phone calls, reviewing laboratory results, and charting.” – Pam Harrison, Medscape

Palabra helps reduce the risk of burnout substantially by eliminating almost all the inefficiencies of clinical documentation. Palabra users are regularly saving around 125 hours per year, per physician, while also eliminating thousands of dollars in transcription costs. These benefits work to prevent burnout by giving oncologists, their nurses, and their PAs more time to spend on patient care, as well as additional funds that can be re-assigned to boost productivity and cut stress in the clinic (by hiring a new front desk worker, for example).

If you’re concerned about burnout in your practice, please contact us to see how Palabra can help.



Study Citation:

DOI: 10.1200/JOP.2017.025544 Journal of Oncology Practice 14, no. 1 (January 2018) e11-e22.

PMID: 29190209


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