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Highlights from ASTRO 2018

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Highlights from ASTRO 2018

This year’s ASTRO Annual Meeting was incredible.

At the Elekta users’ meeting, we had Kimberly Smith from Mount Sinai in New York, who did a wonderful presentation of the work her clinic is doing to improve efficiency and patient care. It turns out that Palabra is a big part of it all! Mount Sinai has Palabra Voice deployed for 31 providers, and they have generated almost 14,000 documents with Palabra in only a few short months.

Kim described all of the efficiency benefits around the clinic and even said she was surprised to see their compliance jump from high performance at 80% up to 90% in only a month! Kim said Palabra is part of the system’s physician wellness initiative and she commented that “Palabra is the only software we have ever given our physicians which they actually love.” It was so cool to feel that we are part of the success of this very iconic clinic. Check out this video, where a few Mt. Sinai clinicians share their experience of Palabra.

This year Palabra was in the Elekta booth! Our amazing Elekta counterparts showed Palabra demos to a lot of MOSAIQ customers, who were duly impressed. At this year’s event, Elekta also launched the new SmartClinic in MOSAIQ. SmartClinic is an intuitive game-changer, which enables process visualization and automated streamlined care coordination with fewer clicks and portability. We were delighted to hear all the buzz at the users meeting and throughout the exhibit hall about the Elekta SmartClinic. The atmosphere was electric, and everything went off without a glitch.

If that weren’t exciting enough, we were also overwhelmed by the amount of current PalabraApps customers stopping by our both to share how much they love Palabra, and interested radiation oncologists stopping by to see what all the buzz was about. Palabra Voice and Palabra Teleport continue to dramatically reduce documentation time for clinicians and boost the efficiency of cancer centers.

Physicians and support staff alike continue to share how much of a difference Palabra has made in their work day.

Our physicians were coming by the booth and commenting they save way more than the 125 hours a year we promoted in the ASTRO materials. This is truly the most rewarding part of what we do, and we are so happy to receive such positive feedback.

One of the questions we got quite a bit was about speech recognition accuracy. We have several tricks we play on off-the-shelf speech engines to help them work perfectly with MOSAIQ, so generally speaking, accuracy is not much of an issue. That said, we’re always making enhancements and improvements, and one feature customers are really loving now is the incorporation of the Dragon Cloud. We implemented Dragon Cloud as a standard part of the Palabra package just this year. Dragon Cloud provides superior accuracy and profile management and has definitely put all of the outstanding issues of accuracy to bed! Sites are simply loving it.

Based on the enthusiasm we saw at the show, we have decided to extend our special ASTRO pricing on Palabra Voice and Palabra Teleport through the end of the calendar year. For further information and pricing on Palabra Voice and Palabra Teleport, please reach out to us to discuss more.

We’d be thrilled to have you join the Palabra family in 2018!

Melissa Spolar is an account specialist at PalabraApps. In addition to her customer support functions, she is passionate about the productivity that PalabraApps is able to provide to our customers.