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Who We Are



Our core mission – or you can call it an overpowering obsession – is to make huge gains in clinical workflow efficiency and to improve the interaction between clinicians and their tools. We believe an EMR should be a tool that enhances, not detracts from, physicians’ productivity and satisfaction.

Our founder, Wade Hatler, led the MOSAIQ software architecture team at Elekta, and it’s safe to say, he’s one of the leading experts in the United States in oncology software development and workflow automation. In fact, Elekta has made a strategic investment in PalabraApps to deepen this collaboration to further advance workflow productivity and mobility solutions in MOSAIQ. Read more about it in our Press Release here.

We have put together an incredible team of people who believe in these same values and who seek to deliver superior customer service to everyone who interacts with us. We believe this is one of the qualities that truly sets us apart from other medical technology companies.

Product wise, we keep it slick. We hate repetitive tasks and wasting time. We love smooth, efficient and beautiful features that make you smile and breathe. We have a powerful drive and passion for efficiency and productivity, combined with a deep understanding of the oncology clinical setting. We are onsite with clinicians, administrators and IT personnel every week, and we are talking with our customers every day.

Wade Hatler
Founder / CEO

  • Product Visionary
  • 20+ years as Lead Engineer in Elekta
  • One of the world’s foremost experts in MOSAIQ
  • Creator of eScribe and many modules in MOSAIQ

Amalia Sancha
Founder / COO / Board Member

  • Operations Extraordinaire
  • Client Relations Lead
  • Communications / Media Expert
  • Loves raving customers

Ranjit Pradhan
Board Member

  • Software solution Portfolio Leader at Elekta
  • 25+ years in healthcare informatics
  • Held senior positions at Abbott Labs GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare and Sysmex
  • MS Electrical Engineering / New Jersey Institute of Technology

Kristie Amobi
VP of Market Development

  • 20+ years in oncology
  • Loves efficiency
  • Top 100 “MasterChef” Season 2

Julie Cardman
Director of Quality & Implementation Services

  • 17 years in Healthcare IT, 10+ years in Oncology IT
  • Former happy Palabra customer
  • Enjoys collaborating with customers on successful project implementations

Jim Hurley
Director of Support Services

  • 10 years working with oncology software & hardware
  • 4 years supporting and 6 additional years supporting, installing and upgrading Elekta’s MOSAIQ OIS
  • Customer Driven
  • Successful at building long term customer relationships

Tom Chandler
Senior Software & Support Engineer

  • Developer and IT wiz, all in one perfect blend
  • 10-years oncology experience
  • Powerful cyclist
  • Proud parrot owner

Lauren Mancuso
Education Specialist

  • 6+ years of clinical oncology experience
  • Driven by improving workflow efficiency for providers that directly affects patient care
  • Loves traveling and meeting new people
  • Snowboard enthusiast

Lisetthe Sanchez
Senior Support Engineer

  • 18+ years working with software and hardware support
  • 13+ years supporting MOSAIQ OIS
  • Not afraid of bugs or birds!

Amy Frye
Template Specialist

  • 10+ years of MOSAIQ application experience
  • Passionate about the look and functionality of templates
  • Enjoys helping providers and staff achieve goals
  • Loves being part of a dynamic TEAM

Karl Waclawek
Software Architect

  • 20+ years as Developer, Researcher, Problem Solver
  • Takes pride in his work, or is it his hobby?
  • Family Man
  • Loves nature hikes and reading SciFi

Scott Tattrie
Software Architect

  • 20 years Software Engineer
  • Speech integration
  • Hockey in the winter, Golf in the summer

Brandon Lewis
Software Engineer

  • 15+ years of software development in various fields
  • Wrote first program on a TRS-80
  • Zeal for a customer-focused approach when crafting software solutions
  • Enjoys home renovation projects and playing the guitar

Nick Mills
Application Specialist

  • RN of almost 13 years
  • Brings clinical + IT experience for the best site implementation support
  • Loves football and played throughout college

Alicia Chandler
Template Support

  • Detail oriented and enjoys making beautiful, consistent templates
  • Welcomes challenges and learning new things
  • Experienced Flutist

Melissa Spolar
Account Specialist

  • Client interfacing and support
  • Passionate about productivity
  • Happiest on her motorcycle

Palabra streamlines your patient documentation and reduces your workload through a perfect combination of voice, automation and personalized, super-powerful templates. Palabra saves time, money and effort.