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Because 98% of our customers cannot live without Palabra once they've tried it.

We have a lot of stories to tell!

From the efficiency obsessed doctor who hugged her practice director and told her: “Thank you for getting Palabra for us, this is the best thing we have ever used in this clinic!” to a 17-provider clinic, with a failed Dragon installation - who chose the most and least computer savvy MDs to test Palabra - and decided to go full steam ahead 4 days after the Pilot started. 

Or what about that group of users who told the management team (who was considering changing to a different EMR): “Whatever you do, don’t take our Palabra away from us!”

Or the story about the MD who was so burnt out by documentation that was considering quitting medicine, and then he found us and considered quitting no more.


“Palabra has been a wonderful investment in so many levels. There has been a huge financial impact with dramatically reduced transcription services, but you can’t even put a price on the big quality improvement throughout the whole organization.” 

Sarah Kaveney 

Clinical Director, TRCC, Erie, PA 

Easily Create Notes

Beautiful, readable, perfectly formatted notes; important stuff in, all the fluff out.

Save 125 Hrs / Year

See more patients. See your family. Stop the documentation headaches.

Be Happy!

98% of our customers cannot live without Palabra once they've tried it.

*You will need your own microphones and Dragon licenses for the Palabra Pilot

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