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13x Return in One Year



Physicians’ time is one of the clinic’s most valuable resources. No matter whether you calculated in by time/day or by time/note, the results are the same. Palabra saves an estimated 125 hours of physicians’ time per year. With Palabra, referring and collaborating physicians receive their documents immediately after their creation, saving many unnecessary follow-up emails and phone conversations, along with the attendant frustrations. This results in additional time savings for both the dictating and referring physicians. Document creation is not the only benefit of Palabra, the system also allows clinicians to enter data directly into MOSAIQ by voice, saving tons of clicks and cognitive load and effort.

50,000 documents are created with Palabra every month.


Save 125 hrs/year for Each MD

See more patients. See your family. Stop the documentation headaches.

Eliminate Transcription Costs

Palabra pays for itself in weeks and yields 13x cost benefit over a year.

Easily Create High-Quality Notes

Beautiful, readable, perfectly formatted notes; the important information in, the fluff out.

Reduce Burnout

Every care decision, every encounter and every step has to be documented. It’s a lot of busywork and it’s getting worse, increasing physician burnout at an alarming rate. Palabra makes documentation orders of magnitude easier.

Audit-Proof Your Practice

Detailed templates generate easy to complete notes. Palabra Reverse EMR makes filling out all the necessary billing info a trivial task.

Delight Referring Physicians and Your Own Staff

Turn-around time goes from days to minutes. Your referring physicians and your staff will know what you are thinking almost in real time!

Reduce Clerical Time

Eliminate document import and tracking. Gain 65 hours/year in front staff time savings per Palabra user.

Full MOSAIQ Integration

Palabra can be described as a next generation voice-enabled eScribe. Complete and seamless integration with MOSAIQ.

Incredible Support

Palabra support is becoming legendary. Our users are calling it “Unbelievable” and “The best I’ve ever seen.”

We make it easy for you!

We install Palabra, create your templates, come onsite to train 2-4 users, and let them try it for 30 days risk free. If you don’t want to keep Palabra, you owe us nothing.

Palabra streamlines your patient documentation and reduces your workload through a perfect combination of voice, automation and personalized, super-powerful templates. Palabra saves time, money and effort.