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Palabra is the best dictation system available to any EMR, bar none. It integrates speech recognition engines like Dragon Medical and MModal deep into MOSAIQ and adds an extremely sophisticated voice driven dictation and control platforms.

Palabra fully automates the document creation process and streamlines patient documentation while reducing physician workload through a perfect combination of voice, automation and very personalized, powerful templates. Palabra is available in local and Citrix/VMware installations, as well as in the Elekta cloud.


Palabra saves users up to an average of half an hour a day compared to standard transcription, and even more when compared to native Dragon/MModal.

You can navigate MOSAIQ by voice, and a simple voice command triggers the creation of a document that comes loaded with features: sophisticated, perfectly formatted merge fields, selective reproduction of information from previous documents, gender transformation, medication reconciliation from inside the note, OCR capabilities and more.


Palabra also makes MACRA and MIPS compliance very easy, by allowing the automatic transfer of assessment data for quality measures from the document into the chart, ready to report as discreet data.

Not to forget, Palabra allows as-pie templated eChart notes and smart CC list management.


Documents are dictated, approved and faxed within minutes of seeing the patient.

Document creation is fast, and there is no need to review the document days after seeing the patient.

Referring physicians and clinical staff can access a document instantly after its creation, gaining valuable time and providing superior patient coordination.

With Palabra, clinicians can quickly and easily produce excellent quality notes, formatted just as they want them, immediately after the patient encounter.

Palabra leverages speech recognition and automation to improve real world clinical operations. Development is collaborative and data driven, always focusing on usability and physician productivity.

Eliminate Transcription Costs

Palabra annual subscription costs are recovered in the first 3 weeks

Fast Note Creation

Dictate, review, approve and automatically fax within minutes.

Built-in Accuracy

Fine-tune vocabulary with smart logic, so “the patient” automatically populates the patient’s name.

Smart Workflow Automation

Reduce keyboard and mouse tasks to a few simple commands in plain English, making navigation significantly easier and faster.

Productivity from Day 1

Doctors will be able to use Palabra immediately with personalized templates for each doctor.

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Physicians Love It!

“The system is great. Where has Palabra been all my life?” - Michael Manning, M.D., Carondelet Radiation, St. Joseph's.


Simple, Easy, Breezy!

“I like the system very much and I am impressed at how quickly I have adapted.” - Andrew Neuschatz, M.D., AOA, Tucson, AZ



“I couldn’t imagine trying to get by without Palabra anymore.” - Taylor Ortiz, M.D., Medical Director, Seacoast Cancer Center NH


Palabra streamlines your patient documentation and reduces your workload through a perfect combination of voice, automation and personalized, super-powerful templates. Palabra saves time, money and effort.